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Alpen Tage 6 Obergurgl - Rotmoosjoch

Dotted lines: #notatrail GPS trace  recorded by MyTracks. At one point, we were able to see the sun was unblocked by further mountains. The trail we followed was a dotted line trail, we found out later that means an unmarked seasonal mountaineering trail which requires rock climbing equipment. GPS trace, show section from the Ratmoosferner trail to the Ratmoosjoch (Ratmoos notch). After we had slid down the glacier and we were in a stable location, I took a screenshot of where the gps showed us. I forgot to snapshot it while we were on the incline, which showed we were in italy probably due to gps drift of being on top of snow and not a solid surface. We spent a while at the ridge, the gps trace shows lots of slipping (speeds of 5km/hour without changes in altitude.) We went through Rotmoosferner in late June 2018 and found that climbing from the glacier to the ridge required snowshoes (slope > 70 degrees) due to deep unpacked snow. Visi

Alpen Tage 5 Huben - Langenfeld - Huben

A day of rest, 9km walk from one village to another.

Alpen Tage 4 Huben Feuersteinweg

GPS trace recorded using MyTracks

Alpen Tage 3 Memminger Hütte - Zams

GPS trace recorded using MyTracks

Alpen Tage 2 Kemptner Hütte - Memminger Hütte

GPS trace recorded using MyTracks Sleeping with ear plugs was magical, we had bread an meusli mit Milch und Milch cafe for breakfast. We got our things and went outside to fill the water bag and prep the bags for the day. (pict of you sitting with your backpack) We climbed out of the crater to a amazing view with shrubs. To the first crossing to another country into Austria by walking. We walked down, about halfway down passed a cafe which wasn't open yet (it was still only 8 am). (Some pict of the view & ice maybe) We saw the sign taking about the taxi from the town to Madau base of the mountain, we decided to take the walk to at least the Bach town, and reevaluate there since it would be our longest day and didn't appear to be normal to walk it. The hills and fields were beautiful, we got to town changed from our boots to our shoes and called for info about the taxi. The dispatch said they didn't know when the taxi would be back. We went to the market

Alpen Tage 1 Obersdorf - Kemptner Hütte

GPS trace recoded using MyTracks We woke up early to get the 8am train. We walked by the trout to say goodbye, got coffee and our tickets. The train platform listed two trains stopping at 8am, on the same platform. While we waited in the sun the train arrived. After waiting a few minutes we asked the conductor who was getting off his shift if that train went to Oberstdorf, he said yes, almost missing the train that was in our faces, in that zugteil, fortunately right on the platform where we had been waiting. Inside the train car, the destination confirmed that it was going to Oberstdorf. Basically we found out it wasn't two trains that stopped, but instead one train with two engines, which would split mid way, the front engine continuing to au.. while the back engine to Oberstdorf! We walked through the ski village of Oberstdorf, bought a prezel tomato and cheese sandwich and then found the foot path that led up into the mountains. We heard our first cacophony of