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Phantom of the Floppera

Thanks to Google+ my circles of my circles share lovely things. George Whiteside made a pretty fantastic (d)iskette (O)rgan which he posted on YouTube as Phantom of the Floppera [ Download source code ]. He discusses some of the frequency properties of floppies. between the 5¼" and 3½" drives, the 3½" drives produced the most audible low frequencies, and the 5¼" drives produced the cleanest and highest notes. I hypothesized that the older drives were more over-engineered than their modern descendents, allowing them to operate farther out of spec, i.e. play higher notes. The newer drives are flimsier by comparison, and literally rattled better at low frequencies.

10.6.8 update spells Joy for Minimacs everywhere

If, after updating to 10.6.8 you get into a reboot loop, never fear the update is the same as every other update, except there is a step involving replacing the kernel. This is very easy to do if you either (a) download it and save it on your Minimac before you update to 10.6.8, or (b) you have a mac formated USB key that you can copy it onto after your Minimac starts looping. Here is the super-condensed minimal effort path to get you into Minimac heaven... (no not a dead Minimac, a running one), at least until Lion comes out. On another computer (preferably a Mac or Ubuntu) Download the legacy kernel   [mirror] Put it on a Mac formated USB key * On the Reboot Looping Minimac Hold down Shift as you boot At the boot loader screen type (once you start typing it will apear in black letters on the bottom of the screen)  recovery=yes, -x  Once it has finished loading, plug in the USB key Copy the legacy_kernel-10.6.8.bz2 to your Minimac Double click on it to unzip it M

Lake Champlain Bike Trip

A 7 day trip of about 620k (took a day off to visit family) ending with a free open air concert by Offenbach! After 4 years and no week long bike trips, I finally took a vacation. I biked from Montreal down the Chambly canal to the Richelieu river and around Lake Champlain. The easiest and most beautiful section of the lake (Alburg Springs to Burlington 78k) was substituted by a hilly segment after visiting family (East Montpelier to Burlington 87k). Lessons Learned * Lakes are rivers which couldn't drain because they are surrounded by hills; roads surrounding lakes are NOT flat. * Biking on a canal or a river is much, much flatter than biking around a lake. * Biking around Lake Champlain Difficulty: medium to hard. * Biking on a canal difficulty: easy. * Recommendation for biking around Lake Champlain: have a support vehicle which drives around your camping gear, don't haul it up the mountains unless that's your goal (biking uphill with weight). Bottom Line *