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Cycling in Tbilisi

I'll have my citizenship soon, which means I've been researching where to go for field work next. At the moment the contenders are Turkey, Georgia, and Korea (agglutinative languages). Naturally biking in Turkey is pretty much not in my plans, and in Korea there are usually pretty good paths but most people wear masks to prevent breathing in the pollution. The unknown is Georgia. A quick google result for Tblisi cycling safety confirms my expectation, it would be roughly equivalent to biking in a Romanian city. I also ran across this video of two dudes on a cycling demonstration of how to freak out cars in Tblisi. Not exactly my style... I also found Derek's post about commuting in Tblisi, which was far more informative. ... drivers in Tbilisi are widely acknowledged to be crazy--Georgian machismo combined with lax traffic enforcement leads to dangerous speeding, aggressive tailing, games of Chicken, and lots of accidents. In six months in Georgia, I've p