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I'm a just a dude like any other programmer

After listening to   Should Google+ require you to use your real name?  one fine sunny bike ride, I was left wondered if maybe my justification for anonymity might be more common than the authors might think. My wondering stopped there, until this evening when I giggled at my one of GitHub messages.  There are many nefarious reasons to use a handle. Some people hide behind anonymity to post nasty comments on YouTube, troll in general, say abusive things or start mass riots in countries where freedom of speech isn't common.  But not all reasons for anonymity are nefarious, some are just about having a level playing field. As "cesine" I've quietly listened on user groups while others suggest new barbie wall papers, and flirty penguins to bring in some of the female persuasion over to Linux, etc. I once made an eye fluttering Tux and put it on my website, wondering if they might catch on that there was something different about the operator of that server.   Ano

Precision vs. Recall defined for linguists

Precision and recall are some interesting examples of terminology from computer science which will help linguists know how to divide tasks best done by a linguist, from those best done by a script or some sort of automation; in other words, when it needs to be perfect, and when good enough, is good enough. Recall means getting back all the examples in your data which display that factor. You can get high recall by writing a script which returns a lot of results. There is always a second step, to go through the examples yourself as a human to filter out the extraneous examples. Getting high recall is generally a good first step when you start your research (think: google web search, you really want to know all the authors that have written on your topic...) Precision means getting data that you can run stats on and get statistical significance. High precision means all the results are what you were looking for. Getting high precision is important to make any claims or generalization

Watchmes for AuBlog

I made some quick-n-dirty Watchmes How to use AuBlog for blogging via typing How to user AuBlog for blogging via dictations The machine transcriptions are hilarious, and not very useful. AuBlog uses an Open Source machine transcription software (Sphinx). It needs to be trained to your "iLanguage" (vocabulary) to return quality results...