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The consequences of archiving open source repos

For this year's vacation, my plans were to add more integration testing on the FieldDB prototype and start converting it to work offline again due to the  Chrome store discontinuation of support for apps .  Instead, my plans became to update the services to use Node 12. We had switched to using es6 in the web site in 2016, and most by now build tools are intentionally (or unintentionally) dropping support for pre-es6 versions of Node.  The path to the Node 12 update was relatively short, though bumpy.  The starting point for this work was that we were using a yarn.lock on the webserver app, but the EC2 instance didn't have yarn installed, and so when installing using  npm  we were getting install failures due to node-sass.  While we are at it, let's update everything. NRC deleted their Github repo At some point between the last successful build October 29 2017 and July 15 2020, the NRC had deleted their repo The result was test