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Ode to the entries

While biking home one sunny afternoon last october I was bitten by the blogging bug. I got home, wrote a few blog entries, saved them in my private wiki, and let them maserate a week or two before deciding if they really were actually funny enough to start blogging. Ironically I lost them due to a mysterious hard drive failure, yeah... first ever... My witty understanding of trajectories and predicting people's internal turning signal was also lost. I would classify myself as a consumer of information, not really a generator of information... apart from the odd tutorial or 6. I'm subscribed to a few mailing lists, some of which I read, most of which sit bold and forever unopened in my gmail. I've searched almost every linux forum (and nowadays StackExchange) for answers but only asked roughly 3 questions. So, the question is... I'm generally useful but am I virtually useful? If I start this blog, how often will I post? I use my wiki weekly, generally to keep track o