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The ATI Radeon install blues

YACLM - Yet another cheep linux machine equals picking up another machine with the exciting missing proprietary drivers for ATI Radeon graphics cards. Graphics Card What this means in a practical sense, is geting vertical lines instead of an install screen when installing Linux. Here are the steps for (specifically Acer X1470 towers) installing using vesa aka "safe mode" in Ubuntu 11.10 When the CD loads you will get 3 options. Try without installing, Install, and check the CD. Get your cursor on the Install line, push e to go into edit mode. Remove quiet splash , in their place add:  xdriver=vesa nomodeset The result will be the ability to install Ubuntu on 800x600 resolution, but at least it installs. Once you have installed, you can follow online instructions for setting up the drivers you need to get an enjoyable resolution. If you have Graphics/ X windows/some colors and menus: 1. Go to System Settings and search for "Additional Drivers." 2