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Taking Javascript into the Field

A few months ago Theresa and I presented FieldDB at   Javascript Montreal . Here is the video taken by Hisako who was our interns on the project. While building the project we asked the interns to document what they learned in our dev channel  so that other developers who are new to offline client side apps can have a "news channel" specifically designed for them. FieldDB is a 100% Javascript stack for collaboratively collecting data. It was designed to run offline on multiple platforms (Chrome Extension and Android). In this talk we will discuss the hurdles along the way to building a data heavy offline app. We will focus two key libraries and how they fit into our stack: PouchDB alpha, a Javascript implementation of the NoSQL database CouchDB, for storing large amounts of data offline, and Require.js for simplifying development and deploying to different targets. The Javascript App, and its Node.js web services are OpenSourced on  GitHub . Slides (with notes)