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Alpen Tage 6 Obergurgl - Rotmoosjoch

Dotted lines: #notatrail

We went through Rotmoosferner in late June 2018 and found that climbing from the glacier to the ridge required snowshoes (slope > 70 degrees) due to deep unpacked snow. Visiting the Rotmoosferner trail is recommended to see the amazing rock debris left by the glacier melt. However, continuing the footpath to cross over the mountain ridge should only be done with proper equipment. The rock slides are unstable and the ridge does not appear to have existing rock climbing attachments to clip into, unlike other ridge crossing trails in the Alps. There is a dotted trail on some maps to cross the ridge to get to the Zwickauer Hütte which can be found as an unmarked footpath (missing red/white markers on the ground). After the ground turns to snow and shifting rock, the path can be followed using GPS from the Ratmoosferner to the Ratmoosjoch. Note: dotted trails are seasonal unmarked mountaineering trails which require rock climbing equipment. Locals said it is…

Alpen Tage 5 Huben - Langenfeld - Huben

Alpen Tage 4 Huben Feuersteinweg

Alpen Tage 3 Memminger Hütte - Zams

Alpen Tage 2 Kemptner Hütte - Memminger Hütte

Alpen Tage 1 Obersdorf - Kemptner Hütte

Hiking the E5

Next week we are going for a hike, a hike across the alps.