Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 6 - Riding a marshutka

It was raining and I had to go to hang out with my friends at the University, so I took my first trip on a Marshutka (#31). First I took the Marshutka going north, expecting it would circle around Rutstaveli, but no it went to the other side of the port. Luckily, I had been there on Day 2 so I knew where I was, and so I waved at the driver so that I could just get off at the gas station/fish market and and catch another back. It was 40 tetri for the first ride, and 60 for the second ride (payable when you get out). The fares are 40, 50, 60 tetri depending on how far you are going.

Naturally I used MyTracks to find out where we were going and to get off at the right street since the streets are not really obvious in the rain. I also found it rather funny to see the speed and zigzag pattern. 

View the Marshutka's path on map

 Created by Google My Tracks on Android Name: My First Trip On A Marshutka 

Activity type: driving 
Description: - Total distance: 1.18 km (0.7 mi) 
Total time: 06:13 
Moving time: 02:22 
Average speed: 11.40 km/h (7.1 mi/h) 
Average moving speed: 29.84 km/h (18.5 mi/h) 
Max speed: 29.84 km/h (18.5 mi/h) 
Average pace: 5:16 min/km (8:28 min/mi) 
Average moving pace: 2:01 min/km (3:14 min/mi) 
Fastest pace: 2:01 min/km (3:14 min/mi) 
Max elevation: 34 m (111 ft) 
Min elevation: 17 m (57 ft) 
Elevation gain: 59 m (194 ft) 
Max grade: 40 % 
Min grade: -14 % 
Recorded: 3/20/2014 18:54

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