Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 2 - "The other side of the port"

Today I explored the town on other side of the port. It was about a two hour walk round trip. 

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I found some ruins behind an active chapel on a hill (it was Sunday).

I also found out that the beach originally had black sand which probably had river stones added to prevent erosion. 

When I got back to old Batumi I bought some lunch (at the same place I got khachapuri the day before, but they charged me 2 lari for bulgar wheat, twice the price of a kebab oddly..) and went for a picnic on the beach to work on a conference submission for one of our apps. It was 17 degrees and I forgot my hat, so I got a bit burned. 
I found that the Batumi Velo stands further along the coast were off, so I wasn't able to park here where I wanted to try the concrete sculpted seating areas.

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