Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Recognizing Speech on Android

Tonight I'll be giving a talk at Android Montreal. In this talk I’ll show you how to use speech recognition in your own Android apps. The talk will have something for both beginner and advanced Android devs, namely I will show two ways to do speech recognition: the easy way (using the built-in RecognizerIntent for the user’s language) and the hard way (building a recognizer which wraps existing open source libraries if the built-in RecognizerIntent can’t handle the user’s language). While I was in Batumi my friends and I built an app so that Kartuli users (code) (slides) (installer) could train their Androids to recognize SMS messages and web searches. Recognizing Kartuli is one of the cases where you can’t use the built-in recognizer. Kartuli spoken by only 4 million people in the country of Georgia: that is roughly the population of Montreal and surrounding areas. The talk will start with a demo of our Kartuli trainer app to set the context for the talk, and then dig into the code and Android concepts under the demo.
  • * How to use the default system recognizer’s results in your own Android projects,
  • * How to use the NDK in your projects,
  • * How to use PocketSphinx (a lightweight recognizer library written in C) on Android

Live broadcast on YouTube:

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jada Name said...

hi cesine : )

i want a help from u you i will use entity named recognition (arabic) and i want to use gate developer
the purpose of using that is to extract an exact line from Quran that line we called ayah (sentence) and every ayah it appear with different pattern
sometimes it is benign with (( or { or any symbol sometimes it is ending with special sentence or special symbol
could you give me hints in how we extract a specific line from any document or could u please publish a video to help us :(

Thank you