Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bootstrapping Android Best Practices

Like human language, programming languages are 

  • 1 part syntax, 
  • 1 part vocabulary, and 
  • 1 part culture/socio-linguistics. 
Too often when learning a new language we focus on syntax and vocabulary, but not enough on culture/best practices. Sure in our courses we might learn that the French like wine and baguettes, and wear berets, but on the ground its not really that simple (n'est pas?). In this tutorial we "immerse" ourselves in the culture of two projects to simultaneously learn syntax, vocab and best practices for getting things done in Android Development.

We have selected a few repositories, 2 which show best practices, and 2 pairs of pidgins vs best practices which show not fully formed Android development.

Beginner-Friendly Best Practice Learning Grounds

  • Advanced: good project management (instructions end to end: how others can set up the code and contribute to the project)
Replica Island
  • Advanced: Game engine

Pidgins vs. Best Practices Pairs

Two page-curl repos
Three Blogger clients

Google IO Sched 2011

  • Advanced: using fragments for phones and tablets (warning: this creates many layers of abstraction so its hard to navigate as a beginner)
If you want to use MyTracks you will need to follow their steps to set up your Eclipse environment, and update your AVD manager

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