Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Fresh Meat Principle

Recently I convinced one of my friends to go Salsa dancing on the beginners night, alone. I was operating on five years of observations which I would formalize below as the "Fresh Meat Principle."

The Fresh Meat Principle

Given any x such that
  • x is female,

  • x measures between 5'0'' and 5'4'',

  • x is of medium to athletic build, and

  • x is wearing flat practical non-salsa shoes

There will be a y such that
  • y is male,

  • y is aged between 25 and 45,

  • y is a reformed geek, and

    • either y is mid intermediate to mid advanced or

    • y is interested in becoming a salsa instructor

In any w such that
  • w is a beginner salsa night or

  • w is an intermediate salsa night

Then y will monopolize x the entire evening in w.

I'm very happy to say the Fresh Meat Principle was upheld in a recent study.

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