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Geogian diaspora

This month a friend and I looked into the results of Recognizing Speech on Android.  

In 2014 we created open source libraries and tools to facilitate usage of the Georgian language by Georgian speakers. One of these tools was Gismet, an Android application which can be used by Georgian speakers to train their Android smartphones to recognize their speech using PocketSphinx. The software was made freely available to the public and also open source on GitHub.

Since 2014 over 1,000 users have used the application to train the default language model to their voices. The location of the recordings is determined via GPS technology, and informed consent for the anonymous analysis of their voices is required as part of the software installation process. 

  • Red: Android location with < 100 accuracy range
  • Blue: IP geolocation

Georgian Diaspora, shown by GPS location of anonymous recordings.

The resulting dataset of anonymous elicited training recordings is similar to a dataset obtained in an experimental setting. Below are a couple of spectrograms from the anonymous training recordings.
Specrogram of "რა ტემპერატურაა დღეს?" with careful yet natural prosody.

Specrogram of "რა ტემპერატურაა დღეს?" with audience-less prosody.


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