Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 9 - The speed of the internet

In the morning Nato taught me how to say my age and other things that you might find in a beginner class. It was cute. Meanwhile, I was talking about grape vines using Google translate offline on my Android. Her vines were just budding, about two months before Montreal ;) I also learned the word for good, /kargi/ I had been hearing it all over the place but didn't know what it meant until I said 'good' and decided to elicit it in case it could be used as a discourse particle, sure enough, it is a very very popular particle ;)

Other translations on Google Translate were just transliterations, and rather comical :)

In the afternoon I bought a WiFi router and set it up at Natalya's house. I forgot to ask the speed there before I decided to rent the room. I found out it was only 500kb down and 10kb up.  Almost a dial up connection from the 90's...

DSL in Batumi can be very very slow, in this case 500kb down and 100kb up.
At that rate it would take 2 hours to deploy...

I had to choose between Georgian immersion, or productivity. It was a very difficult decision and very hard to explain in Georgian to my would-be host family,  but after investigating apartments with Ia, I decided to rent an attic room at a hostel where there was a strong connection and always people around.

There is a window and a table, and by adding my new wifi router, guests will be able to use the internet even out in the back dorm. Tamilla, Esma, Nino and the director are super sweet and are keen to speak to me in Georgian and of course practice English with me ;)

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